Having just undergone a major brand refresh which includes a stunning new website and suite of brochures, Probe are keen to communicate the ethos that sits behind their new proposition.

Probe’s modern new brand identity is underpinned by a vision, mission and set of values which will be integral to the future operations of the business. David Brennan, Managing Director, Probe, discusses in this blog how his company have reenergised its purpose by developing brand values which will integrate into the operations of the organisation and explains what benefits he hopes to achieve from this.

David Brennan


Core values communicate a company’s beliefs and how they are working together towards a shared vision. This concept is powerful. By expressing what they stand for as a brand, businesses can attract better employees and customers who share their beliefs. In fact, it could be said that organisations with employees who have shared values are more likely to have high customer satisfaction – something that is key, particularly in the current market.

David explains “we realised the danger of not having core values and recognised a need for consistency across everything we are doing. This meant that we devised values to reflect the brand’s offering. As the brand grows we expect to see the Probe culture develop with that”.


As businesses in the oil, gas and energy markets have had to change to be more competitive, efficient and resilient, Probe have also embraced this change with momentum. They have embroiled this quality into their ‘business as usual’ operations through guiding principles of:

Precision and pace

  • We deliver quickly but without compromising quality
  • We are acutely aware of the demands and deadlines places on our clients; we are reliably responsive to their requests to ensure projects progress as planned
  • We enable customers to realise benefits quickly by delivering right first time.

Can-do and collaborative

  • We address problems positively and enjoy new challenges
  • We leverage the knowledge and experience of our customers and project partners to deliver the best possible outcomes
  • We are easy to work with, so we build strong, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Responsible and reliable

  • QHSE comes first in everything we do
  • We continuously improve to build and maintain confidence in our capabilities as an engineering project partner that delivers
  • We understand that our customers rely on us; we work closely with them and communicate clearly to provide reassurance on project phases and completion.

David explains “as our portfolio continues to expand and we continue to invest in our plant, our aspiration and long term strategic objective remains ‘to be the first-choice supply chain partner for engineering projects in energy markets”.

“Our continuous growth means that we are now able to re-position ourselves within the market to show potential clients that we are much more than a manufacturer. We are a supply chain partner for engineering projects; our best-in-class products and services, responsive approach and know-how accelerate delivery and increase overall effectiveness.”

To encapsulate their essence, Probe have coined the strapline ‘Engineering Momentum’. David says “momentum defines everything we stand for and our promise to our clients. We provide the equipment that keep things moving for our client’s projects. Our products and services optimise asset productivity and performance, ensuring projects meet their milestones and deadlines.”


David understands that their brand is one of a business’ most valuable assets. As well as clearly differentiating the company from its competitors, it helps to develop relationships with clients, staff and stakeholders by building credibility and increasing confidence in capabilities.

David explains, “Probe has a strong heritage and we have worked hard over the years to make a stand within a competitive market whilst driving our differentiator. We have taken every opportunity to provide a compelling pitch, which we believe has left a lasting impression on our clients for all the right reasons. We are now working on building a solid platform for increasing visibility of the Probe brand amongst a wider audience to enable them to realise the benefits of working with us. We feel that the refreshed visual identity and underpinning values will take us to the next level within the oil, gas and energy markets.”

“It is very important that we have a core framework and set of values as part of the DNA of the company to help this growth. This model has been created by our senior management team, with every single Probe employee in mind. We strongly believe that leaders drive values, values drive behaviours, behaviours ultimately drive the culture of the organisation. The development of this culture and approach will be key to our continuous performance and success.”


“Our staff have driven this business exercise”, David explains. “This engagement process has been vital to help our people understand how their jobs fit into the wider corporate vision. We will be working with our teams over the coming months to fully roll this out and will continue to ensure our employees have a voice. We believe that it is essential that every person within the company understands how the new values will influence the way they work.”


David summarises,

Collaboratively we have laid down the foundations of how we want the company to move forward. The values are the guidelines for driving every employee’s day-to-day decision-making and are the tools to help bring the Probe brand to life. The industry has seen challenges in recent years and we believe that it is essential for us to move with the times and adapt to the ever-evolving industry and market.  The brand values we are integrating into the organisation will provide a guiding path to Probe’s scalable and sustainable growth.



Find out about our vision to be the first-choice supply chain partner for engineering projects in energy markets.

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