The problem

When our client required an innovative spool component developed as part of a wider project, based on their design parameters and guideline drawings, they approached Probe for a manufacture solution.

Our client is a subsea engineering and offshore technology company who specialise in the supply of tailored equipment and engineering services to enable the execution of challenging offshore projects. Their promise to clients is to deliver bespoke equipment solutions on spec, budget and on time. Probe were the ideal supply chain partner to work with on this project due to our ability to meet short lead times and provide a wide variety of corrosion resistant finishes, whilst upholding the highest quality and safety standards.

The end client required the wellhead component to be used in a flanged wellhead assembly to secure the upper end of a casing string. A corrosive resistant finish needed to withstand the harsh environment in which the product would be situated in.

Probe were challenged with aiding in the design and manufacturing of an inlaid spool component which would meet the needs of this project and conform to industry standards.

The solution

Probe were initially presented with the client’s design parameters. We utilised our dedicated in-house design team to compile the engineering drawings, which would allow our operations team to manufacture the spool.

Our design and manufacture process conformed to the required API 16A and DNV OS-E101 standards. This included developing the bespoke aspect of the cladding to the spool. An Inconel 625 inlay was applied to all whetted areas including the bore. Surface modification of oilfield components for protection against corrosion is critical in the offshore industry. Among the various coating techniques for surface modification of ferrous metals, Inconel 625 cladding offers advantages over other conventional techniques such as thermal spraying and arc weld. Applying this cladding also provides a cost-saving innovative solution as opposed to producing the whole component in solid alloy, with a cost-reduction of up to 60%. This is achieved by only cladding areas at immediate risk of corrosion which include bores, connector seals, ring grooves, valve seats and flange faces. Applying this cladding to the client’s spool meant that it was protected with a high-quality layer with minimal imperfections.

The spool was finished with paint to meet the NORSOK M501 standard. This NORSOK standard gives the requirements for the selection of coating materials, surface preparation, application procedures and inspection for protective coatings to be applied during the construction and installation of offshore installations and associated facilities, which is a compliancy in Norway. Finally, the product was fully inspected and witnessed by DNV GL engineering consultants and received excellent feedback and approval before being shipped to our client.

Marc Saiche, Sales Engineer, Probe, said, “Our engineers worked closely with our client throughout the design and manufacture process, whilst considering the best bespoke cladding solution to meet the client’s expectation. I was delighted that we received such good feedback from DNV GL. This just reinforced our non-destructive testing (NDT) methods and is another example of a high-quality piece of equipment provided for our client in a timely manner.”

Inlaid spool component manufactured by Probe


The result

For the end client, a full turnkey project with design aid and manufacture of a fully inlaid and painted product was achieved.

We were extremely impressed with Probe’s design and manufacturing processes throughout this project. The knowledge and expertise the team provided, ensured we were able to achieve the right cost-effective and innovative wellhead solution for our client.


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