Probe Oil Tools, an Acteon company, who are a well-established engineering supply chain partner specialising in the manufacture of oilfield equipment, have announced they will be launching a new service area in 2018 to complement their existing portfolio of products.

Alongside their growth strategy, Probe have invested further into their plant and facilities by purchasing two new state of the art manufacturing CNC tools, which can manufacture a smaller OD range of ‘well intervention tools’. These include tools for coiled tubing, wireline intervention, and slickline intervention which can be manufactured to customer specifications and designs from 10mm – 300mm OD material and 70mm – 650mm OD material respectively.

Bill Artis, Business Development Manager, Probe, said,

“As businesses in the oil, gas and energy markets have had to change to be more competitive, efficient and resilient, Probe have also embraced this change with momentum. The new CNC machine tools which are now installed here at our headquarters in the East of England, ensure that Probe are able to provide a wider service offering to our clients across the globe”.

Well intervention products by Probe

Probe’s respected team is founded on engineering excellence and expertise in problem solving, devising innovative solutions and reducing complexity for design, procurement, manufacturing, and quality assurance (QA) challenges. The new well intervention service area is just one of the many specialist areas Probe can offer to achieve strategic cost reductions for their clients. Probe can now find the correct approach to each job, to guarantee the most productive route though their manufacturing centre.

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