Probe Oil Tools, an Acteon Company, has significantly expanded its portfolio by obtaining an extensive welding fabrication facility, incorporating over 200 approved procedures. The new service offerings, which are extended to existing and new clients, include sub arc welding, which has a range from 1’’ to 40’’ and is primarily used for butt welds. The safe controlled working environment meets the requirements of Probe’s integrated management system (IMS) and is backed up by the company’s growth strategy.

The assembly and testing of valves, choke and kill packages and many other components used during the drilling, well intervention and production phases of offshore oil and gas operations can now be performed. Included in the facility are a purpose-built 30,000 Psi pressure test area, spray booth, stores and an assembly area. The additional equipment also allows Probe to carry out welding of riser spools and pressure equipment, utilising the new certifications.

David Brennan, Managing Director, Probe, said; “The fabrication and test facility is fully equipped to meet the growing demands of the energy market. By increasing our service portfolio through this new equipment, not only are we able to offer additional products to support our existing clients, we are opening ourselves up to a market where we can provide new clients with products such as pressure vessels and pipe spools. Probe’s manufacturing and testing capability are supported by our in-house design resource, streamlining the supply chain for our clients by reducing the need for third-party vendors.”

The expansion is underpinned by a recent major contract win for a client who requires the ongoing manufacturing and testing of gate valves. Currently, Probe is using the new facility to support this client in delivering a drilling package to a project taking place offshore Canada.

Pressure test storage area for test fixtures
External view of the Pressure test and assembly facility
External view of the pressure test and assembly facility


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