API flanges

Probe manufactures high pressure and swivel flanges to API standards. Our products are customisable through means of size and pressure ratings and by the materials and claddings used to manufacture the product and provide corrosion resistant properties.

High pressure flanges: Our high-pressure flanges are manufactured using the highest quality low alloy steel by our expert engineers. We manufacture two main designs; type 6B and type 6BX. Both flanges are of the ring type joist.

The connection make-up bolting force on the 6B flange reacts on the metallic ring gasket, meaning it is not designed for face-to-face make-up. Whereas the 6BX is generally used for bolted or studded outlet designs and is designed for face-to-face make-ups. 6BX flanges are also of the ring joint type and designed with a raised face. Depending on the tolerances, the connection make-up bolting force may react on the raised face of the flange when the gasket has been properly seated. This support prevents damage to the flange or gasket from excessive bolt torque.

API-17D swivel flanges: Designed for easy alignment when attaching to a mating standard flange, our swivel-ring flanges consist of a 360° rotation outer ring and hub. When used in subsea applications, these properties are essential for saving time on installation. Probe’s swivel-ring flanges can be designed as API 6A, API 17D or NORSOK L 005 in various sizes and to suit a large range of pressure ratings. All our API 17D flanges are supplied with appropriate inlay of either AISI 316L or nickel alloy 625.


Benefits And Features

  • Typically manufactured from low alloy steel
  • Weld overlay cladding available for areas at risk of corrosion
  • Corrosion resistant properties suitable to withstand the harshest subsea environments
  • Flange applications from: 1.13/16” 10,000 bx-151 to 13.5/8” 20,000 bx-159
  • Swivel-ring flange raw materials: A694 F52 to F65, A350 LF2, AISI 4130, 8630
  • Compliant with API standard API 6A PSL-3
  • API 6A Monogrammed
  • Supplied with full certification which can be accessed via the Probe online certification portal
  • Full certification of component/assembly can be supplied upon client request
Flange applications:

1.13/16” - 21.1/42"




As per client's needs



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